Events on Sobieszewo Island

Picnic with Biology

Biological Station of University of Gdańsk, Water Birds Research Group ‘’Kuling’’ and the partners invite all the citizens and tourists for the Picnic with Biology at the beginning of August on Sobieszewo Island. The program includes workshops, lectures, contests, games and biological and art activities. During the Picnic you will have a lot of fun and get to deepen your biological knowledge, too.

Summer in Świbno

Each year in July, the Świbno volunteer fire department, together with the city department of State Fire Service in Gdańsk and Maritime Search and Rescue Service, organize Summer in Świbno festival. The program includes concerts, contests, and games for children and adults with the use of firefighting equipment, as well as horse rides, pneumatic weapon shootings and an entertainment park for the kids. There is no entry fee, but there sure is a lot of fun!

Kite Carnival

Kite Carnival on Sobieszewo Island is a family event for all the generations. It is organized by Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture “Treasure Island” and Strefa Mocy Foundation. It is a great option for the families who enjoy spending a day outdoors. The event includes the most interesting kite competition for everyone who enjoys kiting.

Exlibris competition

The Gdańsk International Exlibris and Small Graphic Form Competition competitions are organized by Gdańsk Community Foundation and Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture “Treasure Island”. The theme is different every year. Previous editions included themes of the Gdańsk’s lions, sport, the architecture of Gdańsk and Neptune’s dreams. The competition is held every two years. Learn more at http://www.exlibrisgdansk.pl/index.php?jezyk=en

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