The Sobieszewo Island Trail

The Sobieszewo Island Trail

Gdańsk Górki Wschodnie – Gdańsk Świbno – the green trail – length: 14 km

The Sobieszewo Island Trail is a short trail in the easternmost part of Gdańsk. It goes through Martwa Vistula, Śmiała Vistula and Przekop Wisły on the environmentally recognized area.

The trail virtually encompasses the whole Island, from Śmiała Vistula in Górki Wschodnie to Przekop Wisły in Świbno. The trails provides an opportunity to visit both of these places, plus former fishermen settlements (now summer resorts). The most interesting of them all is Sobieszewo, including the Wincenty Pol Memorial Room. But the most prevailing in the landscape is a large forrest, stretching over the dunes and the spit. Not far from the trail, one can find the bird conservation nature reserves: Ptasi Raj and Mewia Łacha. The trail leads along the coast of Martwa Vistula and Przekop Wisły. Water tower “Kazimierz” is located halfway through the trail.

The trail is fairly easy, as it can be divided into shorter routes thanks to the public transportation on the Island. As a whole, it is a part of the European E9 trail. In Świbno, on the other side of Vistula river, the green trail meets the yellow Jantar trail, which leads to the international trail and the blue trail. In the most part, the green trail is suitable for cycling, as it overlaps with the Wincenty Pol cycling route. In the summer, it can be reached by the water tram.

Learn more about the trail at: http://pomorskieszlakipttk.pl/szlaki-piesze/wyspy-sobieszewskiej/

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