History of Sobieszewo Island


How was Sobieszewo Island created?

Sobieszewo is a unique district of the city of Gdańsk, surrounded by the Śmiała Wisła river on the West, the Martwa Wisła river on the South, the Przekop Wisły on the East (all of these being branches of the longest Polish river, the Vistula – Wisła) and to top it all, the Bay of Gdańsk on the Baltic Sea on the North. The Island is a part of the Mierzeja Wiślana.

Sobieszewo Island was partially created as the result of the winter flood of 1840. Due to the ice obstruction near Płonia town, the swollen waters of the Vistula had broken through the dunes near Górki, thus dividing the village (now called Górki Zachodnie and Górki Wschodnie), and creating a new river mouth for the Vistula. Wincenty Pol called the new branch “Śmiała Wisła” in 1842. In this way, a new peninsula was formed – its western part being what now we know as Sobieszewo Island. The final shape of the island is the result of both natural phenomena and the human intervention in the Vistula’s hydrographic system.

How to tame the force of nature? The history of Przekop Wisły

To solve the problem of annual floods in Żuławy, on June 28th 1888 the Prussian Parliament passed the Bill 9303 including the directives on the Vistula dug-through, embankments regulations and construction of floodgates in Przegalin. An artificial canal was dug, measuring 7,1 kilometers from Szewce to the Bay of Gdańsk on the Baltic Sea. The official opening took place on March 31st 1895 at 3.45 pm (see the photo below).

The woods and the beaches of Sobieszewo Island

Sobieszewo Island is an area of about 35 km2 with more than 1000 ha of woods. The beach, 11 kilometers long, is the longest one in Gdańsk. It includes two guarded bathing areas – in Sobieszewo and in Orlinki.

On the Island there are two nature reserves: Ptasi Raj (Birds’ Paradise) on the western end of Śmiała Wisła and Mewia Łacha (Seagull Dune) on the East, near Przekop Wisły.

As an act of recognition of Sobieszewo Island’s natural beauty and unique value, the area has been granted the status of a legally protected nature park.

Historical floodgates, residences, wooden houses…

There is a variety of historical monuments and landmarks to be found on Sobieszewo Island. In Przegalina, there are floodgates built in 1895, perfectly visible from a viewing spot nearby the 2012 bascule bridge. In Świbno, Przegalina and Górki Zachodnie we can admire well-preserved wooden architecture as well as the island’s oldest, historical residences from XVIII and XIX century.

and even seaplanes!

In the times of the Free City of Danzig (1920-1939), Górki Zachodnie was a home to a landing strip for seaplanes (also known as hydroplanes). The buildings of former passenger waiting rooms and the restaurant are now used by the University of Gdańsk for scientific and educational purposes.

The Water Tower and the Forster Residence

Beautiful view of the island and the surroundings can be admired from the top of the Water Tower in Orliinki (known as Zbiornik Kazimierz). Nearby we can find the Forster Residence (Forsterówka) – a wooden mansion built in the 1930s as a summer house to NSDAP gauleiter Albert Forster.

Culture, leisure and recreation on Sobieszewo Island

In the center of Sobieszewo, Gdański Archipelag Kultury „Wyspa Skarbów” runs Wincenty Pol Memorial Room. Wincenty Pol was a poet, geographer and explorer of the Polish lands. The Memorial Room hosts multiple cultural events throughout the year.

Sobieszewo Island is perfect for active leisure with opportunities of sunbathing, sea swimming, sailing, canoeing, fishing, Nordic walking and even backcountry skiing or just plain nature-watching.

Tourist can expect a variety of accommodation options, including hotels, guesthouses, camping areas and private rooms for rent. Multiple bistros and restaurants offer outstanding Polish and local cuisine, not to mention the opportunity to taste fresh Polish fish. Sea souvenirs can be bought in shops on virtually every corner.

The Island can be explored by walking, biking trips, horseback riding and sailing. The proximity of the Gdańsk’s Old Town (c.a. 15 km), makes the stay even more interesting.

The Sobieszewo Island residents welcome everyone to rest and relax in the surroundings of nature all year long.

Mieczysława Cierpioł

English translation by Magdalena Szubstarska

Ideas for Sobieszewo Island – contest

What is your idea for Sobieszewo Island? Contest for the citizens ! The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, together with the city of Gdańsk as the candidate to host the 25th World Scout Jamboree on Sobieszewo Island in 2023 invite everyone to participate in “Idea for the Island” contest. The partners of the project include Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture “Treasure Island” and the Friends of Sobieszewo Island Association. The submissions, including a short description of the ideas for action are accepted via e-mail at [email protected] until May 31st. The authors of the most interesting proposals will receive financial awards.

“We are looking for interesting ideas, which would aim at promoting this extraordinary area. Especially the most creative ones, which would focus on the unique natural resources and location of the Island”, says Beata Matyjaszczyk from the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, Sobieszewo Island Social Development Program Coordinator.

The ideas should take into account: the use of natural and cultural potential of Sobieszewo Island, sustainable tourism and recreation development, environmental-friendly actions, and possible socio-economic benefits for the inhabitants of the area.

“We are counting on the citizens’ creativity”, says Łukasz Kłos, Mayor of Gdańsk’s Representative in charge of Jamboree 2023. “The projects can account for organization of a cultural event, recreation ideas, tourists attractions, as well promoting the Island itself (a logo, a slogan, a mascot etc.)”.

The ideas should be submitted via e-mail: [email protected]. The proposals should include a maximum one-page description. Learn more about terms and conditions at www.wyspaskarbow.gak.gda.pl

Top 5 ideas will be awarded with financial prizes, 300 PLN each. The contest is a form of brainstorming for the future of Sobieszewo Island. The realization of the winning ideas depends on external circumstances, such as sources of financing and coordination.
The award ceremony will take place on June 7th 2017, at 15.00 in Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture “Treasure Island” on 3 Turystyczna St. on Sobieszewo Island.

World Scout Jamboree is the most important event for World Organization of the Scout Movement, gathering young members of national scout organizations. WOSM is the biggest membership NGO with over 40 million members worldwide.

Learn more about the preparations and the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association and Gdańsk as candidates to host World Scout Jamboree at www.polska2023.pl, www.facebook.com/polska2023.

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