Memorial Chamber of Wincenty Pol

Wincenty Pol Memorial Room

Wincenty Pol Memorial Room is a form of a museum, dedicated to life and work of a distinguished poet and geographer Wincenty Pol, also the author of the name of Śmiała Wisła, new Vistula branch created in 1840. The Memorial Room also serves to protect and popularize the heritage of Żuławy and Mierzeja Wiślana areas.
The Memorial Room is located at 3 Turystyczna Street in Sobieszewo, in one of the oldest preserved builidings on Sobieszewo Island which itself is the third largest Polish island.

The Memorial Room dates back 40 years, to 1974. Originally, it was located it one of the school rooms in local primary school. After few years it has been moved to the building at Turystyczna Street, which before WW2 used to be an elegant hotel “Lindenhof”. Thanks to the commitment of local activists and the very great grandson of the poet, late Adam Pol, a variety of exhibits connected not only with life and work of Wincenty Pol, but also with cultural and natural heritage of the Island and Żuławy Wiślane, has been collected.

Since 2007 the Memorial Room has been supervised by „Wyspa Skarbów” of Gdański Archipelag Cultury organization. After a thorough renovation and reorganization of exhibits, a new era of activity has begun. The younger audience is offered a variety of educational workshops to acquaint them with the culture and marine traditions of the area. The older visitors can find multimedia presentations a great way to get to know the history of Sobieszewo Island and Żuławy Wiślane. It has become a tradition now, for the Memorial Room to organize special exhibitions for the events such as the Museum Night or European Heritage Days.

Our work is highly inspired by Wincenty Pol’s ideals of spreading the knowledge about the local history of the Island and surrounding areas of Mierzeja and Żuławy Wiślane. We try to bring this knowledge and memory of his work to everyone who visits the Memorial Room.

Paweł Jaraczewski, GAK Wyspa Skarbów
English translation by Magdalena Szubstarska

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